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Neurobics Exercises To Keep Your Brain Alive

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This is a review of the book entitled “Keep Your Brain Alive:  83 Neurobic Exercises to Help Prevent Memory Loss & Increase Mental Fitness”.
Date:  February 7, 2021
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Price:  $8.95 paperback

What is Neurobics
Neurobics is a unique brain exercise program that can be done anytime, anywhere. Based on the latest neuroscience, these unusual exercises stimulate brain nutrients to help new brain cells grow. The key to keeping your brain strong and healthy is to break routines and use all five senses in unexpected ways. Offbeat, fun, and easy, these 83 exercises will result in a mind fit to meet any challenge—whether remembering a name, learning a new app, or staying creative in your work.


Neurobics – The New Science of Brain Exercises
Most people panic when they experience small memory lapses.   However, research has discovered that, although annoying, mild forgetfulness is not a disease  like Alzheimer’s and action can be taken to combat it.   Brain research points to new approaches that can be incorporated into everyday activities to develop and maintain brain connections.


Myths about the aging brain
There are numerous myths about the aging brain that neuroscientists are disproving daily.  With the help of new technologies, the traditional view of the way the brain ages is rapidly being revised.  Evidence clearly shows that the brain does not have to go into a steep decline as we age.   In fact, recent research shows that new brain cells are being generated in adult humans.


All about dendrites
Also, contrary to popular belief, the mental decline most people experience is not due to the steady death of nerve cells.  Instead, it usually results from the thinning out of the number and complexity of  dendrites, the branches on nerve cells that directly receive and process information from other nerve cells that form the basis of memory.  Dendrites receive information across connections called synapses.  If connections aren’t regularly switched on, the dendrites can atrophy.  Recent research has also shown that old neurons can grow new dendrites  to compensate for losses.


New Theory of Brain Exercise
Discoveries such as these are the basis of a new theory of brain exercise:   Neurobics can help you take charge of your overall mental fitness. 
Neurobics aims to help you maintain a continuing level of mental fitness, strength and flexibility as you age.


What’s Different about Neurobics Exercises?
Neurobics is very different from other types of brain exercise usually involving logic puzzles, memory exercises and solitary practice sessions that resemble tests.  Instead, Neurobics exercises use the five senses in novel ways to enhance the brain’s natural drive to form associations between different types of information.  Associations are the building blocks of memory.


These are the informative chapters to be found in this book:

Neurobics:  The New Science of Brain Exercise

  1. How The Brain Works
  2. How Neurobics  Works
  3. Starting and Ending the Day
  4. Commuting
  5. At Work
  6. At the Market
  7. At Mealtimes
  8. At Leisure


Examples of neurobics exercises found in this book:

What Makes an Exercise Neurobic and Gives Your Brain a Workout

Using your non-dominant hand
Decide one day to write change the hand you normally write with.

Involving one or more of your senses in a novel context
Get dressed for work with your eyes closed.

Taking a completely new route to work
Break a routine activity in a novel, non-trivial way, giving your brain a good workout.

Navigating your home by touch
Instead of using vision, get into your home with your eyes closed.  Make your way through your home  by touch, with your fingers, in the dark.  These non-routine actions activate and reactivate seldom-used nerve connections involving  the sense of touch.

The Scent of Music
Listening to a piece of music:  During your drive home, use aromas to form association between smells and sounds.  This  associates auditory stimulation – a piece of music – with a specific odor.

The Midas Touch
Place a cup filled with different coins in a cup holder.  Try to determine different denominations by feel alone, using only your sense of touch.  Because we normally discriminate between objects  by looking at them, our tactile discrimination abilities are flabby, like underused muscles.

Say What?
Wear earplugs when joining the family for breakfast, and experience the world without sound.  Blocking a major sensory route by blocking sound forces you to use other cues to accomplish simple things like knowing when the toast is done.

Leave the Driving to Others
On a bus or a train, close your eyes and use other cues, such as the speed of the train or bus, or turns in the road, the sound of brakes, or people getting on or off, to visualize where you are or what it looks like  outside.


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Pros and Cons:

Pros:  Although I haven’t actually done all the exercises in this book, I’ve tried many.  Anyway, you can’t go wrong doing any of these unusual exercises!  They will definitely give keep your brain in good shape, as you will definitely form new associations, the key to having a good memory!


Cons:  None that I can see.


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  1. What an interesting topic Neurobics.I have learnt from reading this article and unbeknown to me, I have actually practiced some of the excercises mentioned here. This article is well laid out and easy to read. Brain excercise is fascinating. We never stop learning somethin new no matter what our age. Your affiliate statement is clear and the recommendations on other book suggestions are also well placed.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Helen.  Glad you have actually practiced some of the exercises mentioned.  What is your opinion about those exercises?  Do you feel that they made your brain sharper?  Let us know, please.

  2. Very interesting article. I have actually tried some of these exercises and I can see that they have the potential to give your brain a workout.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Alma. Glad you’re able to use the suggested exercises to give your brain a workout. I encourage you to try new ones and let us know how you like them.

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