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How To Super-Charge Your Brain

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This is a review of a recent article published in Dakota Student and entitled “How to Super-Charge Your Brain”.

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars held their 2021 Leadership Summit on January 27th. The final speaker of the day, and one of the most famous, was Jim Kwik.   Author of the intellectual development book, “Limitless”, Kwik is known as one of the world’s “super brains”.


Supercharge Your Brain
For the basis of his seminar, Kwik explained some of his ways to essentially supercharge your brain. He claims that these practices encourage faster reading as well as the ability to be powerfully present while learning.


Eat a Good Brain Diet
Kwik’s first rule to supercharging your brain is having a “good brain diet”. To give an example, if an Olympic athlete ate McDonald’s before they competed, they obviously would execute themselves poorer than if they ate a diet that supported peak physical performance.


Beneficial Foods for Brain Function
“People understand the physical effects of food on their bodies but forget that the brain needs the same dietary care”, Kwik says.   “Some of the most beneficial foods for brain function are avocados, blueberries, broccoli, eggs, olive oil, and salmon. Dark green, leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach are recommended, and even dark chocolate! Kwik’s secondary tip is to add in brain supplements that one isn’t able to get from their diet alone.”


Be Well-Rounded in Self-Care
As Kwik says:  “The mind, body, and spirit cannot function independently and one of the most important things to improve your brain is to be well rounded in self-care…  Along with taking care of your brain, exercise is a vital step to improving memory and comprehension.  Optimal brain function happens when you are moving your body.”


Killing the ANTS
Kwik explains that one of his most successful practices growing up was “killing ANTS”.Automatic negative thoughts”, he says, “have the ability to limit us and confine us to negative labels.”  By allowing those automatic negative thoughts to enter his head, Kwik trained his brain to believe them. He started banishing his limiting beliefs and is now one of the few individuals that can utilize his brain to its fullest capacity. 


Surround Yourself with Winners
Another thing that Kwik believes in:  “How you surround yourself both socially and environmentally has a large impact on the functionality of your brain. Socially, the brain needs a positive peer group to induce positive thoughts and limitless beliefs.”


The Secret to Will Smith’s Success
Kwik is a very popular mentor among celebrities. While working on set with Will Smith once, he asked Smith why he thought he was able to be so successful during his life. Smith responded that he never fails to do two things during his day: walking and reading. “To supercharge your brain, you must be committed to learning every day”, says Kwik.   “Reading is the most beneficial way to exercise your brain and train yourself to memorize and comprehend successfully.”


Jim Kwik’s Podcast
Kwik has a podcast, has written a novel, and offers one on one training options for anyone looking to supercharge their brain.  His podcast can be found by clicking here:


I hope you enjoyed this article on How To Super-Charge Your Brain.  Please try some of these good ideas and let us know how they work out for you.


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Comments (4) on "How To Super-Charge Your Brain"

  1. Hi I love your website. I had no idea that we should consciously excersise our brain, much like we should do daily workouts for our physical body. It was a very informative read and I shall definately be looking at purchasing  a book to start getting my brain into top shape.:)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Julie.  Glad you enjoyed my blog and that you can use the brain exercises.  Always take care of your brain – it’s your most important organ.  Please let us know how these suggestions work out for you.

  2. It’s very interesting how you get exactly what you need and what you’ve been thinking about to make it useful to learn. I fully agree with the statement that the brain also needs adequate food to do the best it can. I like your comparison of negative thoughts to ants, it’s really a real skill to get rid of them, but the more we exercise, the better we get.

    The positive influence of like-minded people is beneficial! I’m already using these methods and I’m very pleased with the results. Every day is an opportunity to be a better version of ourselves 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jas.  Glad you enjoyed my blog and that you can use the suggestions.  Always take care of your brain – it’s your most important organ.  Please let us know how these suggestions work out for you.

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