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Who Is Smarter – Men Or Women?

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According to an article entitled “Who Is Smarter – Men or Women”  in Intelligence For Your Life:

Who’s smarter, men or women? A comprehensive study was done by University College London which compared the IQs of men and women all over the world. Here are some of the results, according to Newsweek magazine.

  • First, MEN score higher on IQ tests when it comes to spatial awareness skills. In other words, guys are better at reading maps – no matter what their wives say.
  • On the other hand, WOMEN are better with language skills – meaning they can communicate ideas better. When it comes to overall IQ and SAT scores, women around the globe come out slightly ahead of men.

Guess how smart you are
When researchers asked men and women to guess how smart they are, the results were interesting.

  • For instance, MEN tend to believe they’re the smartest person in the room. Maybe not Albert Einstein-level brainiacs, but men think they’re smarter than women – and overestimate their IQ.
  • However, WOMEN tend to underestimate their intelligence. In fact, when asked to guess how smart they are, women – on average – presume their IQ is five points LESS than it really is. The experts say there is no smarter gender.
  • Here’s something both men and women agree on
    When asked to identify a smart person, in history or in their own family, people generally pick a MAN!
  • So what does this all mean? Adrian Furnham, the psychologist who led this study, believes society sends misleading messages to children right from birth. We may not give girls enough praise for their abilities, while boys get praised for skills they don’t always have.

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Another article sheds some interesting light on the topic, indicating that perhaps men are better at some tasks while women are better at other tasks.

See what this article “Girls Are Much Quicker than Boys at Timed Tasks”  in Live Science has to say on this topic:


Girls Are Much Quicker than Boys at Timed Tasks
A new study of 8,000 people age 2 to 90 found females handle timed tasks more quickly than males.

The difference is most pronounced among pre-teens and teenagers.

“If you look at the ability of someone to perform well in a timed situation, females have a big advantage,” said Stephen Camarata of Vanderbilt University.

The study did not reveal significant overall intelligence difference by gender, however.

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We want to present another point of view in discussing this topic.  Please see article entitled “Who is smarter – Men or Women?”  In PracticeAptitudeTests.


Are men or women really smarter?  New research yields surprising findings
Who fares better when it comes to numbers?   And are females really better at expressing their emotions?

Armed with data from people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and education levels, these scientists decided to settle the conundrum once and for all and crown the smarter sex with the results from their aptitude tests.


The voice of reason
Popular opinion may state otherwise, but the scientists’ data shows that women are actually more logical than men, at least before they get older.  In fact, women scored an average of 63% in their logical reasoning tests, compared with an average of 59% of men.  Interestingly, these scores were almost completely reversed after the age of 55, with men scoring 64% and women coming in behind at 59%.  In logical reasoning tests, wmen actually scored a higher average of 63%, suggesting the idea that men are more logical is a myth.

You win some; you lose some
When it comes to sums, it seems it’s men who have the answers.  The results from their numerical reasoning tests showed you’re more likely to do well if you’re male (they scored an average of 53%), just beating the women, who came in at 52%.   Both sexes showed a significant decline in mathematical ability after the age of 55.

It’s true that men tend to perform better at math, but only when they’re younger.   Sudoku, anyone?

Not surprisingly, women reign supreme as the sex with the gift of gab – scoring 66% in verbal reasoning tests, while men lagged behind at 63%.  But the good news is:  unlike most of the other skills that were tested, women’s verbal reasoning gets better with age!  In other words, women are not just better at communicating, but the gap grows with age!


A learning curve
Unsurprisingly, education had a resoundingly positive impact.  The higher the level of education, the higher the average score – irrespective of gender.


Crowning a cognitive champion
After extensive testing, scientists finally discovered that by a margin of just 2%, women are intellectually superior!  Females tend to reach ther intellectual peaks earlier (between the ages of 18 and 24) while males mature with age and hit their stride at age 45.


We hope you have enjoyed reading our selected articles about “Who is Smarter?  Men Or Women”, and that these  will give you food for thought and help you reach your own conclusions.  Here I might add that, based on my own experience, girls might be smarter than boys as children – I recall how often I beat my male classmates as a child for the “First in the class spot”!


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Comments (2) on "Who Is Smarter – Men Or Women?"

  1. Interesting article. Because these days women are open to many opportunities that used to be seen as ‘ a man’s world’ women are coming out on top in many areas. I think that because women have to work so much harder even in survival issues, they tend to be able to multitask, and go into their duties with lots of zeal and determination. When it comes to being smart, I wouldn’t give an answer based on gender. The world is made up of smart men and smart women and it is more dependent on what they are exposed to and their life experiences.

    1. Thanks for your comment, JJ.  I agree with you:  the world is made up of smart men and smart women and each sex brings talents depending on their life experiences.

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