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Brain Training Mastery Strategies You Can Do At Any Time

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This is a review of “Brain Training Mastery: Advanced Learning Strategies to Improve and Expand Memory Concentration and Be More Focalized”
Date:  January 7, 2021
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Price:  $13.99  paperback

Do you struggle with tasks that were once easy for you?

Ever wondered what happened to all that information that used to inhabit your mind?

Believe or not, you do not actually lose that information, you simply lose the ability to access it. It is still stored in there somewhere, and if you can figure out how to remind yourself to access it again, you can reclaim that knowledge and those skills.

BRAIN TRAINING MASTERY is here to help you access all that knowledge and skills.  This amazing book will guide you through these helpful brain strategies that you can do at any time.

What I like is that these brain strategies  can be done at any time, once you know them.  You don’t have to follow in a book.

The book contains ADVANCED LEARNING STRATEGIES designed to improve and expand your memory and concentration, and help you become more focalized.


What’s in Brain Training Mastery?

The book is broken down into 6 Chapters describing the nature of:

Chapter 1:  The Brain

Chapter 2:  Concentration

Chapter 3:  Association

Chapter 4:  Connections

Chapter 5:  Photographic Memory

Chapter 7:  The Body and Remembering
In this chapter are several concepts worth noting:

The Body and Remembering:  Some people happen to find that they learn best  when they use their bodies as clues.  Learning becomes so much easier then.

The Senses and Memory:  If you find that playing music or chewing gum help you remember things better , go ahead  – it has been proven that people can remember things better  if you can create the same sort of sensory input.  Your senses work well to help you remember things.

Using the Body and Memory:  Pairing the information with some sort of movement or sensation can help you remember.

Clenching Fists to Concentrate and Remember:   Some people find that clenching fists for brief periods of time can actually increase brain activity.

Moving Eyes from Side to Side To Improve Learning.


The book contains ADVANCED LEARNING STRATEGIES designed to improve and expand your memory and concentration, and help you become more focalized.    Here are examples of practical exercises to train the brain on HOW TO:

  • Remember names and faces
    If you know that this name and face is important, remind yourself of the consequences if you fail to remember it.  Is this the name of your new boss or the person who  interviewed you?  Is it the name of someone who will be relevant to you later on?
  • Remember numbers and data
  • Remember directions
  • Associate an image with left and right
  • Repeat the details back
  • Associate the details with a story
  • Create landmarks and associations
  • Remember shopping lists
  • Write your list in a silly font
  • Use a Memory Palace
  • Create nonsense acronyms
  • If, at the end of the day, what you need  is memorable, what is more memorable than something that sounds ridiculous?
  • Using creativity
  • Repeating things back to yourself, but using different words
  • Let your imagination run free
  • Calculation
  • Replacing subtraction with addition
  • Multiply in parts instead of as a whole
  • Multiplying by 4 or 8 just requires you to double numbers
  • Speed reading
  • The pointer method
  • The track and pace method
  • The scanning method
  • Brain food
  • Physical Exercises for the brain


Pros and Cons:

Pros:  Although I haven’t actually done all the exercises in this course, I’ve done many and, as I said earlier, you can do them at anytime, even while waiting in traffic – you don’t have to follow in a book, a definite advantage!   Anyway, you can’t go wrong doing these!  They will definitely give keep your brain in good shape!


Cons:  None that I can see.


If you want to purchase  this “Brain Training Mastery” book, go ahead and click on this link to get to the merchant’s website.  You can purchase the book right there on the merchant’s website.


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Comments (2) on "Brain Training Mastery Strategies You Can Do At Any Time"

  1. I’m glad I found your website today as I was looking to know more about what I can do to improve my memory, but after reading your article now I know this is not only about improving memory, but this is about of brain training, this book sounds good and I would love to read it and do the exercises, Thanks so much for sharing a helpful information on your website. 

    1. Thanks for your comment, Alejandra.  I’m glad you enjoyed my article and that the idea of improving your memory with the exercises appeals to you.  Let us know how you like the book!

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