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Virtual Mental Gymnasium

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This is a review of (“world’s first virtual mental gymnasium”)

Best place to buy:
Date:  July 12, 2020
Cost of Subscription:   $9.95 for a 3-month membership, and $29.95 for a 1-year membership).

My recommendation:  If you want to give your brain a real workout, I highly recommend

Brain Training from

The Human Brain

Yes, it has been proven that the brain has a proven ability to change its structure and function in response to external stimuli.  Together with its capacity for neurogenesis,  the brain’s cognitive function can be improved at virtually any stage in life.  This is a significant finding.

MyBrainTrainer’s exercises can improve your cognitive function by increasing your ability to do the following:

  • Process information quickly
  • Increase your decision-making skills
  • Perform multiple tasks simultaneously (multi-tasking)
  • Retrieve old information more rapidly
  • Learn new information more easily and more quickly
  • Concentrate even when distraction is present

You can keep yourself mentally alert by working, volunteering, reading, as well as doing crossword puzzles and brain teasers.   Recent studies, however, have shown that there might be an even more effective way to improve your brain processing speed  by using  highly interactive mental challenges called Elementary Cognitive (ECT)  tasks, as offered by  Each ECT isolates the specific region of the brain that is being exercised and, by responding as rapidly as possible to its random stimuli, delivery of oxygen and blood flow to your  particular brain region is increased.   More neurons = more neural connections = increased brain processing speed.


Scientific Study:

Findings:  A month-long pilot study was conducted by a research facility associated with the University of Texas and Open International University, using  MyBrainTrainer exercises as well as  Pre/Post testing for IQ, cognitive efficiency and speed, and anxiety.

The study found that the exercises increased IQ, reduced anxiety and improved cognitive efficiency and speed.


The offers:

21-Day Basic  Training Program:  These exercises are designed to improve reaction time, short-term memory, executive function, visual/spatial acuity, information processing, visual spatial memory, visual scanning/discrimination, and working memory.

Additional features

Advance training consists of application-specific training modules (special one-day programs designed for special interests, for example: athletics, executive decision making, test taking).

Personalized Training based on your own training schedule based and your personal cognitive enhancement goals.

Downloadable Memory Game:  You can download this game for $4.95 (after 3-day free trial), configure it and play it with multiple players.

Try an exercise for free.

Become a member of an exercise group.

Brain Master Challenge:  This gives you an overall assessment of your Brain Processing Power.  MyBrainTrainer keeps track of where your name is posted in the BrainMaster Circle.  To reach that level, you must excel at all the exercises measuring reaction time, accuracy, concentration, inspection time, perceptual threshold, and memory.   Your scores and lets you progress all the way from Beginner to BrainMaster .


The Pros and Cons:


The exercises are well designed and I don’t doubt that they help my cognitive functions.  They do what they promise:  they improve my cognitive function and brain processing speed.


Personally, I don’t like to wait between exercises to find out how I did.


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