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Memory Exercises for your Brain

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   Did you ever experience a “Tip of the Tongue” memory problem?  It happens to all of us at one time or another.  A few good exercises to do to reduce or eliminate “Tip of the Tongue” memory problems include:

To remember names:
Associate someone’s name with a prominent feature possessed by that person.  You might have to use your imagination for that one.  For instance, Rosa might have round eyes and that could remind you of rose buds.  So you’ll remember Rosa when you see her “ rosebud-like” eyes.

To recall any fact or word:
Most of us, at one time or another, forget a movie title or a movie star’s name, or any word or fact.   “It’s just on the tip of my tongue”, you exclaim.  If you go thru the alphabet letter by letter, something should trigger your memory before you get to Z.  The other day, for instance, I was trying to remember the word “paranoid” but, when I got to P it triggered my memory and I remembered the word.

Some of these ideas were taught to me lately by the UCLA Longevity Center, as part of their very interesting class entitled “Brain Boot Camp”.


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