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16 Fast Tips For Getting Smarter Every Day

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This is a writeup of a recent article in entitled “How to get smarter every day – 16 fast tips”.

How to become more intelligent
Have you ever thought about the ways you can become more intelligent? Do you think that the habits in a routine day can boost your brain capacity? In fact, a recent research study shows that there are a lot of ways to improve your intelligence by doing small things. Many simple habits you may not expect to ever make a difference can remarkably contribute to making you smarter. Therefore, I would like to introduce to you some tips on how to get smarter fast every day. I hope that you will enjoy them.


How To Get Smarter – Discover 16 Fast Tips

Tip No. 1.  Drink 2 glasses of water within 30 minutes of waking up

Water is important to our health.  We need to add a certain amount of water to the body after a long night  because, during the period of sleeping (6-9 hours), our body has not taken in water.  The experts recommend that we drink more water to increase our ability to do mental tasks.


Tip No. 2.   Read A Book Summary During Breakfast
It is quite interesting to read books, however the time for breakfast is usually quite short.  Therefore, read something shorter.  Book summaries can be found by googling.


Tip No. 3.  Listen To Stimulating Podcasts Or Audiobooks During Your Commute
There are a lot of different good sources that you can download on your phone (Ted talks, blinkists, audiobooks, podcasts…).  Take advantage of 10 minutes during your commute.


Tip No. 4.  Drink Green Tea While Working
Green tea contains L-theanine.  Research shows that the alpha brain wave can be enhanced by this amino acid.  Green tea can offer the comfort and the relaxed focus without the caffeine present in coffee.  In fact, L-theanine is considered an important element for relaxation and cardiovascular health.


Tip No. 5.  Take Naps During The Day
Napping can help refresh your mind. According to the research, taking a nap can increase your learning speed.  It’s a way to regain energy for the mind and the body.  People get sleepy in the middle of the afternoon;  napping can improve your focus, alertness and productivity for the rest of the day.


Tip No. 6.  Don’t Eat Sugar During The Day 
Eat fish or eggs for lunch, instead of some sugar or sweets.  The fluctuation of sugar level has a negative impact on brain function.


Tip No. 7.   Read A Book Instead Of Watching TV 
Reading book is considered an active exercises for the brain, because it requires your brain to work and process the information and images you have just received.   In contrast, watching TV or video entertainment is quite passive.


Tip No. 8.  Do Some Exercises During The Day
There is a strong connection between body and mind. The brain works well thanks to physical activities.  Just doing some push-ups, walking or skipping some stairs are enough, no need to go to the gym.


Tip No. 9.  Spend Time With Someone Smarter Than You
In fact, one of the fastest ways to get smarter is to talk or hang out with someone who is more intelligent and brilliant than you.  It might be a blow to your self-esteem, but that’s a small price to pay considering that you can gain a lot from them.


Tip No. 10.  Study A New Language
One of the tips on how to get smarter fast is to study a new language. You don’t need to master the new language.  The exposure to the new language can bring you inspiration and a desire to learn more about the language, as well as the culture and customs of people who speak it. That can help you broaden your knowledge.


Tip No. 11.  Write Down What You Learn
You don’t need to write a diary about events or your mood, but you should spend some minutes writing down what you learned. It is recommended that just write 400 words a day.  Hand-write your words;  it will help you remember longer than if you were typing.


Tip No. 12.  Be Smarter About Your Online Time
You will not be smarter if you are only online to check social networking such as comments or discussions. The Internet provides us a huge source of learning materials in all the fields. Therefore, you can gain the knowledge as well as get the entertainment.


Tip No. 13.  Go For A Walk
There are a lot of benefits to be derived from walking through nature.  First, walking is good for your blood circulation. Moreover, you can breathe fresh air because plants produce more oxygen. That makes your mind fresh, making you smarter.


Tip No. 14.  Eat Right
Your diet also plays an important role on how to get smarter every day.  Supplement your diet with nutrients like ginko biloba to support brain and improve memory.  And remember to eat enough fats but not too much (cholesterol and fats are two elements that will make the brain function well).  Maintaining a poor diet will make you exhausted.  Add to your diet foods that aid brain function and memory such as broccoli, spinach, berries, fish and tomatoes.


Tip No. 15.  Draw
Drawing is considered as one of the best tips on how to get smarter fast.   It can help you enhance your creativity. It is a unique way to cultivate the brain activity.  In addition to helping the coordination of hands and eyes, the memory of the drawing can be stored vividly.


Tip No. 16 – Play An Instrument
Playing an instrument is extremely beneficial for brain. It requires the gathering of a lot of skills such as hand-eye coordination, memory, concentration, mathematics, which improve your cognition.  It requires many regions of brain to work at the same time to create music.


We hope you have enjoyed this writeup and that you will want to try these 16 suggested tips for “How to get smarter every  day”.  Please write to us and let us know if these Tips made a difference in your life.


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